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Get Your Doge 2015 Calendars
2015 is here so get your Doge 2015 calendars. Wall and pocket versions available. In .pdf format for easy printing. For only 2,015 Doge!

Come And Visit The Doge Hotel
This virtual hotel is made especially for the Shibes! Renting a room is free! We may hide special gifts in the rooms anytime... so make sure you check good :)

Free Doges. The Faucet Rotator
We've selected the best Dogecoin faucets for you. Just click our link and everytime will open another faucet. Free Doges!

Doge Proof. Doge Timestamping
Our service allows to prove you held a document, some information or a file at some specific point in time! For free!

Dogecoin Paper Wallet Generator
Don't have a Dogecoin address yet? Generate one here. We recommend using the generator offline for maximum safety.

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