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Open The Secret Doge Box
The Secret Doge Box contains digital fun gifts. Do you dare to open the box and find out what exactly is inside?

Order The Shibe Chronicle
A personalized .pdf mini-newspaper with headlines and stories from the Shibe's year of birth. A great gift for you or your loved ones!

Play The Doge Keno
Play the free Doge Keno game and win Dogecoins. Select 20 numbers out of 80, match at least 10 and you are a winner!

Play The Doge Scratch Game
Play our free scratch game and win Dogecoins. Every day you get 6 free tickets so try your chance and be the next winner!

Free Doges. The Faucet Rotator
We've selected the best Dogecoin faucets for you. Just click our link and everytime will open another faucet. Free Doges!

Doge Proof. Doge Timestamping
Our service allows to prove you held a document, some information or a file at some specific point in time! For free!

Dogecoin Paper Wallet Generator
Don't have a Dogecoin address yet? Generate one here. We recommend using the generator offline for maximum safety.


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